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Thank them for their achievements and loyal service in the time honored tradition with hand crafted emblematic and medallic products. Medallions, Pins, Emblematic Jewelry, and Custom Crested Insignia are the most traditional and most treasured form of identifying and recognizing personal achievements!

Working across the full spectrum of base metal alloys, precious metals and gemstones, our design team can assist you in crafting a tangible thank you to your organization's most important people.

Reward them with a treasured keepsake and a lasting symbol of pride and gratitude.

Shown here are just a few examples of how Ouellette Industries' team of creative designers and jewelers can capture the spirit of your organization, and articulate your message of recognition. From concept to completion, you'll be pleased with how affordable and effective we can be in assisting you to say "Thank You!" to those special people who have contributed to your success. Contact us for more information.