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About Ouellette Industries

Located in Massachusetts and in the heart of the Attleboros, the birthplace of the Fashion and Recognition Jewelry industry in the United States, Ouellette Industries was founded in 1984 on a few basic principles and ideals:

We hold a strong core belief in the American way of life. While others in our industry have taken much, if not all of their manufacturing capabilities to sources in foreign countries, we continue to offer only products "Proudly Made In The USA". The workers in other countries fall victim to exploitative employement practices and do not even enjoy the basic protections mandated by US Federal statutes and laws, let alone some of the benefits and securities our workers enjoy. We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, excellent heath care insurance for their families, and long term security for their futures...and ours.

We support and partner with organizations dedicated to preservation and protection of North American wetlands and wildlife, clean waters, and clean air. We strongly support those organizations who in their corporate mission statements include being responsible custodians and conservators of our precious and limited National Resources. At Ouellette Industries we continue to invest in our factory to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies used to insure that our manufacturing operations, unlike so many around the world, discharge no hazardous waste by-products into either our ground waters or the air that we breathe.

We believe in the positive power of personal recognition. From ancient times to modern day, emblematic and heraldic recognition jewelry and medallic awards have been the the most personal, and the most treasured form of individual recognition. While many organizations have moved to offer service and recognition awards using consumer goods and gift certificates, we hold fast to our belief in traditional values and non-disposable recognition.

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